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Large Modern House with Pool

Swimming pools and spas are complex luxury features of many properties in Southern California.  They can be a complete hassle if they have been neglected.  Often, when a home is foreclosed, the pool equipment is the first thing occupants shut down in the effort to save money.  Very quickly, the water becomes unsanitary, eventually turning into a dark green swamp.  This disgusting water will begin staining the plaster, breaking down the finish, and coating the underground plumbing and equipment with the most bacteria ridden water and slime imaginable. 

Depending on the chemical make-up of the water and the amount of time the pool was neglected, Aquadoc can sometimes get the pool back to normal without draining.  However, in most cases, its best and cheapest to drain, wash, and restart everything fresh.  Once we safely drain all of the nasty water out, and chemically clean the pool surface with chlorine or an acid wash, we carefully inspect the drain covers and sumps to make sure they are safe and VGB compliant.  If they do not meet that national safety standard, we quickly get the right ones put in to reduce the risks of entrapment hazards and ease inspection hassles. 

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We look over the pool equipment, taking notes and pictures of everything vital to a pools function that may need repair or replacement.  This documentation ensures that what we suggest is necessary, and also assists owners with insurance claims in the event a criminal trespasser makes off with an expensive piece of equipment such as pumps, heaters, filters, or automation panels.

We work on Real Estate Owned/ Bank Owned foreclosure properties with pools and/ or spas and hot tubs.  We understand the need for rapid diagnosis, communication, documentation, cleaning/repair, and turnover for properties like this, and extend our professional expertise towards Property Preservation Contractors in need of our services. We do all of this in a completely safe manner, according to industry standards, and provide documentation tailored to your companies needs.  We issue electronic estimates, invoices, and accept payments all through Quick Books for fast processing.


We also assist property investors as well as new owners just getting in after a short sale, and service rental properties for Property Management Companies and Owner/ Managers as well.

Each time we exit a property we’ve been hired to help maintain, we lock and secure the backyard access, helping prevent anyone not authorized to enter from getting in and causing more headaches, or lawsuits.  In addition, we can secure any electrical panels in the pool equipment area with a lock so no one gets into something they shouldn’t and gets hurt.

If your company is in need of a quick turnaround on a pool, were here to get it done.  We can have that mosquito infested swamp sparkling new in a day or two, and help you avoid fines imposed by Vector Control municipalities.  We can also get any and all of the equipment repaired or replaced if necessary, so everything remains functional and clean.


Once this is complete, we can continue maintaining any residential body of water until the home is sold.  Programming the pump to circulate at the minimum rate to avoid high electrical costs, temporarily running non vital features such as spill ways and waterfalls to avoid splashing and water loss, and keeping everything operational is what we do every day.  We can keep the right amount of water in the pool also, with either a permanent or temporary automatic water fill solution so you don’t have to and can focus on more important things.

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We know you’re busy, and so are we making sure your pool stays fresh while you work to get the properties you manage sold.  A sparkling pool with everything working is one of the most inviting things a prospective buyer can see, and we are here to help make that happen.


Only a qualified pool service professional should be hired to take care of the technicalities and nuances of a swimming pool and we are those licensed service technicians, that will take the utmost care to make sure everything in our purview is completed quickly, efficiently, correctly, and with the safety of everyone in and around your property at the forefront of our efforts.

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