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Electrical systems


We work on most your pools electrical needs.  From basic time clocks, to modern automated systems. salt systems, and lighting.  Maybe you want a more user friendly, safe, system installed.  We do upgrades and complete electrical overhauls. 

Your main defence against an unhealthy pool, a fully functional and clean filter is vital.  We monitor the filter pressure during service, however, the inside of the filter can tell a different story once opened.  If somethings wrong, we know how to fix it.  Your existing filter may even be undersized, especially on older pools.  We install filters, backwashes, grids, cartridges, manifolds and gaskets. 




We service and install both conventional and solar pool heating systems.  Heaters are by far the most complex, and in some cases the most dangerous elements that a pool can have.  If your heater is malfuctioning, it could be for many different reasons, of which, only a profecional should attempt to diagnose and remedy.  Some heaters are simply so old and inefficient, that replacement is the best option.  We have no problem installing new heaters, and in most cases what gets installed works better, and at less cost to our customers




The heart of your pool, if your pumps not working or under performing, your pool water is literally sitting and waiting to turn into a swamp.  Were experts at diagnosing and repairing pumps of all types, even the newer, energy efficient variable speed pumps.  Maybe all the components of your pump are old and worn out.  We can install the very best pump for your pool, as well as valve reconfigurations and replumbing of entire systems



And More.....

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